3D Games: Cool Animation, Excellent Gambling Experience

It's over two decades now since the advent of the internet. While making assumptions isn’t the most advisable thing, one can only assume that at the advent of the internet, very few people if any could fathom the revolutions that the internet would usher in, in various aspects of life. This also includes the gaming industry. Speaking about the gaming industry, in particular, the internet led to the emergence of online casinos and a little later, the emergence of mobile gaming. Well, the internet also necessitated the emergence of other related technologies. Such technologies in the gaming industry further on led to the emergence of 3D games.

Many may probably be wondering at this juncture as to what 3D games are all about. Well, 3D games are pretty much just like your standard online casino game. However, 3D games differ from other games in that they are designed using 3D graphics. 3D graphics are renowned for formulating or at best simulating realistic animations of various physical artefacts. A 3D game that comes with a musical concert theme will come with graphics that make the player feel like s/he has just entered a real concert. 

Owing to the realistic nature of 3D games, multitudes of players love playing them. This in turn means that many online casino operators also establish partnerships with various software developers that develop such games. The leading online casino brand in the Asia Pacific region that is, Boda8 Casino is one such online casino. To learn more about the 3D games, let's jump into the finer details in this Boda8 Casino 3D games comprehensive guide.

3D game providers at Boda8

Boda8 Casino 3D Games Software Developers

When Boda8 opened its doors for the very first time in 2018, it had already established cordial working relations with dozens of software developers. Amongst these were several that were already offering 3D games. Some of these software developers include AllBet, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, 918Kiss, Mega888, Kingmaker, Gameplay Interactive, Dragon Gaming, Habanero, Pragmatic Play and Asia Gaming. While these developers do design 3D games, some of them such as Microgaming and Pragmatic Play have gone on a game revamp drive where they beef up their classic titles into 3D games by using the latest game graphics. The beefed-up games offer more of the same aspects that players fell in love with such as enterprising math models and in-game features. This, therefore, guarantees the same levels of excitement albeit with a bit more immersion.

The Different Types of Boda8 Casino 3D Games

3D games aren’t a new type of casino game, rather, they are just a modification of already existing games. It’s against this background that players will find 3D games in different online casino game portfolios from online slots, and instant play games to the table and card games. What this therefore means is that when players enter any game portfolio at Boda8 Casino, they are guaranteed of finding some great 3D games to play.

The Most Popular 3D Games at Boda8 Casino

Owing to the fact that 3D games at Boda8 Casino are supplied by a wide range of software developers, players can expect to find dozens if not hundreds of such games inside the lobby. This, therefore, makes it a daunting task to list all the games offered. However, what we have to say is that amongst the dozens of 3D games offered, there are a few that have managed to win the hearts of multitudes of players. Below we expose and explore some of these.

Book of Dead Slot

The Book of Dead is arguably one of the most popular slots of all time. What many players may probably not know is that there are actually two versions of the Book of Dead slot. The original game is just a standard slot developed some time back by Play n’ GO. However, this game was revamped a few years later to become a 3D game. The 3D version of Book of Dead slot is just similar to the original game in most aspects from the game theme, number of reels and paylines, math model and theoretical return to player percentage. What differentiates the two however are the realistic and immersive graphics the game comes with. Thanks to the immersive graphics, players once they start a gaming session feel like they have just taken a trip to Egypt and are about to explore the eye-catching pyramids left behind by Egyptians of the past.

Book of Ra Deluxe Slot

Still, on the ‘Book’ slots, players can also enjoy the Novomatic-powered Book of Ra Deluxe slot. This slot just like the Book of Dead slot comes with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Upon starting a gaming session, players are teleported to the Egyptian pyramids where they get to explore ancient pyramids under the guidance of world-famous explorer Rich Wilde and his daughter. Book of Ra Deluxe slot game is actually a beefed-up version of an earlier slot dubbed the Book of Ra. The two games are identical in most aspects from the number of reels and paylines, math model and game theme. The difference – your guess is right – lies in the game graphics which are more sharp, fine and immersive in the Book of Ra Deluxe slot game.

Mega Moolah Slot

At this point, you may probably be thinking that 3D games only come in the form of ‘Book’ slots. Well, that’s far from the truth. 3D games are so varied that you can even find progressive jackpot 3D games. One such game is the Microgaming-powered Mega Moolah slot game. The game comes with a wild African safari-themed slot. As a 3D slot, this, therefore, means upon launching the game, players find themselves trekking the African plains. As they do, they stand a chance of catching glimpses of some beautiful animals such as lions, giraffes and elephants. As a progressive slot, players playing the game do stand a chance of scooping massive wins running into thousands or millions!

Super-Hot Slots

There are many classic fruit-themed machines which have been revamped into 3D games by various software developers in recent times. EGT is one such developer that has gone on a massive drive to modernise its slots by incorporating realistic and immersive game graphics. Through its ‘Super-Hot’ slots franchise, EGT does have several 3D games. These include the 20 Super Hot, 40 Super Hot, 80 Super Hot and 100 Super Hot. All these games come with the same theme, game graphics, math model and bonus features. The only difference is that they come with different number of paylines. The number of paylines incorporated in each game is determined by the number included in the game title.

Type of 3D games that available at Boda8


The widely popular lottery game is another 3D game that players can enjoy at Boda8 Casino. Keno is quite a simple yet highly enjoyable and enterprising game to play. The objective when playing the game is to bet on either the even/odd, big/small, over/under or dragon/tiger. Once players place their bet, the game’s door closes and the numbers that are displayed afterwards determine if the player wins or not.

Lightening Roulette

Lightening roulette is a special type of roulette game designed using 3D graphics. when it comes to the gameplay, Lightening roulette offers the same type of gameplay as any other ordinary game. this, therefore, means that players get to bet for even/odd numbers, red or black colour, individual number or a grouping of certain numbers on the betting table. Lightening roulette is more lucrative in comparison to other standard roulette games in that as the wheel spins, lightning strikes the wheel at random. If the struck number/s win, the payout is significantly enhanced by a multiplier value.

How to Access and Start Playing Boda8 Casino 3D Games

Accessing the 3D games offered at Boda8 Casino is simple. All that players need to do at the start is to register their accounts. To register an account, players need to launch the official site and proceed to open the registration form by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

Upon completing the account registration process, players need to proceed to make their first deposit at the casino. The minimum deposit allowed is a lowly 100MYR. Players can deposit funds using a variety of banking options which include bank transfers, electronic wallets, credit/debit cards or ATM transfers. A great beauty of Boda8 Casino is that it also accepts cryptocurrency payments.

The next step is to search for the ‘3D Games’ button on the menu tab. Upon locating the button, click to enter the 3D Games lobby. Once in the lobby, all that’s left is to choose the most preferable game to play.

Boda8 Casino 3D Games FAQ

Q1. What are 3D Games?

3D games are just standard casino games which are designed using realistic and immersive 3D graphics.

Q2. Which are the most popular 3D games at Boda8 Casino?

The most played and popular 3D games at Boda8 Casino include Keno, Xoc Dia, Thai Hi-Lo, Mustang Gold, Mega Moolah, Book of Ra Deluxe and Book of Dead slots.

Q3. Are 3D games enterprising games to play?

3D games come in different shapes and forms. Each game comes with its own math model, the theoretical return to player percentage and volatility level. This, therefore, determines the lucrativeness of the 3D games.

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