Boda8 Affiliate Program: Invite More Players to Earn Passive Income

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Overview of the Boda8 Casino Affiliate Program

One of the great features of the Bodabet Casino is that it comes with an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a very important feature which allows an online casino to share its revenue with players. Boda8 Casino defines its affiliate program as “a partnership program where you (the player or other interested parties) earn commissions based on the wagering activity of the player that you refer to BODABET.”

The explanation of the affiliate program according to Boda8 Casino brings out one very important aspect. This aspect entails that referrals are an essential component of the program. Players or any interested parties can through various links refer people to the casino. If those people open their accounts at the casino and proceed to deposit funds and wager on their favourite games, then a small part of their wagers will be channelled towards the referrer as a form of compensation (gratitude for increasing the traffic at Boda8 Casino).

The beauty of becoming a Boda8 Casino affiliate is that the compensation awarded in the form of commission is passive income. This, therefore, means you can carry on with your main job while at the same time earning some passive income from the program. Isn’t this just cool? Well, to become a part of the affiliate program, you need to check the info below.

How to Join the Boda8 Casino Affiliate Program

Surprisingly, joining the affiliate program at Boda8 Casino is quite easy and straightforward. All you need to do is to launch the official site. Once done, log into your account and head over to your account profile. Over there, search for the affiliate program tab. Click the tab and start completing the registration form. Once you complete the registration form, the support agents at Boda8 Casino will go over your application and also review your account to check your playing history among other things. Once the support agents deem you fit enough to join the program, they will get in touch within 3 business days with further information on how to set yourself.

The Boda8 Casino Affiliate Commission Plan

Well, the interesting part when it comes to affiliate programs is the commission plan. This owing to the fact that many people are largely interested in how much they stand to gain when they are a part of an affiliate program. Well, the first thing that we want to say is that the Boda8 Casino affiliate program is very generous. This is necessitated by the fact that affiliates only need to have at least one active member to earn rewards. This is a marked difference from many other programs which require affiliates to have numerous members under the belt at all times.

Affiliates earn affiliate commission from the total money of a player’s loss. What this therefore means is that there are two factors which determine how much an affiliate earns. First, the higher the number of active members an affiliate has, the higher the probability of earning much more. Likewise, the playing time that the active members dedicate constantly translates to a higher probability of earning much from the program.

An important thing to note also on the commission plan is that Boda8 Casino does not accept affiliates who register themselves. This, therefore, means if you open an account as a referral of yourself, your account will be terminated. 

The Boda8 Casino Payments

When creating an account for the affiliate program, you need to specify the currency which you prefer. Often, it's recommended to use your local currency. Once you select a preferred currency, all future payments will be made in that currency.

Another thing to note on the payments front is that Boda8 Casino pays commissions on a monthly cycle. All affiliates can expect to earn their payments during the first week of the new month. All commission requests and subsequent payments are paid directly into the affiliate’s bank account.

The minimum amount that affiliates can withdraw per month is MYR100. If the amount in your account is less than this, then it carries forward to the next month. It's also important to note on this front that negative balances will also carry over into the next month.

How to Benefit More from the Boda8 Casino Affiliate Program

Your success as an affiliate is dependent upon the number of active members you have. This, therefore, means the plan is to continuously recruit more members. The higher the number of active members under your belt, the higher the commission rewards that come your way.

To increase the number of active members under your belt, you need to employ any of the following strategies.

  • Post Banners: The most effective way of attracting members is to post banners online. The beauty of banners is that it widens reach as you can even reach people that are outside of your social circles. The most effective banners are those that are posted at high-traffic sites. As such, it means you can create your site and post relevant content which draws people and once they access your site, they can find the banners.
  • Popup Ads: Apart from banners, you can also employ popup ads. Just like banners, you will need to create a site where you can post your popup ads. The site should have relevant content which attracts casino players and sports punters.
  • Word of Mouth: There is also the traditional way of doing things. Simply reach out to your friends with similar interested to yours (gambling) and ask them to join your program. You can even ask them to help spread the message in a snowball effect.

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Boda8 Casino Affiliate Program FAQ

Q1. Once I join the Boda8 Casino affiliate program, can I ever downgrade or lose my account?

Yes, it's possible to lose the affiliate account. You can only remain an active affiliate if you have active members under your belt. You need at least one active member at any time to remain an affiliate.

Q2. What happens when I lose my Boda8 Casino affiliate program password?

When you lose your Boda8 Casino affiliate program password, you can easily request to reset the password at

Q3. How much can I withdraw per month as an affiliate at Boda8 Casino?

You determine your success as an affiliate at Boda8 Casino. The more active members you attract, the higher you earn and also withdraw. There is no stipulated upper limit withdrawal at Boda8 Casino. This means you can withdraw as much as you earn. However, the lowest you can withdraw is 100MYR.

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