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The online sphere has made it possible for dozens if not hundreds of online casinos to emerge. This in essence ends up making it difficult for players to find the best online casino to settle at. In an effort to beat the competition, the competing online casinos end up employing various strategies that catapult them to the apex in terms of popularity.

The strategies that online casinos employ in the bid to beat the competition include offering a wide range of gambling products that cater to both the casino players and the sports punters, offering highly lucrative bonuses and promotions for both new players/punters and the existing account holders as well as accepting a wide range of payment methods including cryptocurrencies among many others. The great thing about Boda8 Casino, the leading online casino in the Asia Pacific region is that it employs all these strategies. However, it goes a little further in popularising its brand through a secret weapon.

The secret weapon that Boda8 Casino has comes in the form of a brand ambassador. To understand more about this secret weapon, let's jump into the finer details.

Boda8 Casino’s Brand Ambassador

Boda8 Casino’s brand ambassador is Ms Pui Yi. Ms Pui Yi is of Malaysian origin and currently has one of the biggest TikTok follower base. Over 15 million people follow the work of Ms Pui Yi on her social media platforms. Ms Pui Yi started as a model at an early age. By the age of 18, her stock had already risen such that she was on the cover page of top magazines in Malaysia. It is at this time that Ms Pui Yi started to monetise her work by conducting professional photo shoots and video productions.

Ms Pui Yi is affectionately known in the wider Asia Pacific region as a top Instagrammer and tiktoker. The best part of her work is that she keeps everything clean. Through her work, she portrays the beauty of the Asia Pacific region exposing the cultures, famous locations and cuisines. She also reviews many of the product offerings developed by local folks in the region thus allowing fellow customers to know exactly what to expect before buying a product.

To further enhance her career, Ms Pui Yi recently launched a cosmetic brand. The brand goes by the name MSPUIYI Cosmetics and Kiseki Skincare. The brand proves that Ms Pui Yi’s entrepreneurial journey is just starting. Owing to her incredible work, Ms Pui Yi received recognition when she was awarded the International Asia Wang Hog Award in Shanghai, China. 

Boda8 Ms Pui Yi

Ms Pui Yi’s Role as Brand Ambassador 

As a brand ambassador, Ms Pui Yi performs two very important functions for the Boda8 Casino brand. These are as follows:

Popularise the Boda8 Casino Brand

The most important role of Ms Pui Yi is to popularise the Boda8 Casino brand. As we have alluded to before, Ms Pui Yi has a huge social media following on her social media platforms which include Instagram, TikTok, Only Fans and Facebook. Through her social media platforms, she helps share all there is to know about Boda8 Casino hence allowing the casino to reach as many people as possible.

Make People Understand What Boda8 Casino is All About

As a brand ambassador of Boda8 Casino, Ms Pui Yi is the focal person for the casino. This, therefore, means everyone who wants to learn something about the casino can reach Ms Pui Yi.

Boda8 Casino Brand Ambassador FAQ

Q1. Who is Boda8 Casino’s brand Ambassador?

Boda8 Casino’s brand ambassador is Ms Pui Yi. Ms Pui Yi is a Malaysian tiktoker and Instagrammer with a huge social media following.

Q2. What role does Ms Pui Yi perform as Boda8 Casino’s brand ambassador?

The two main roles for Ms Pui Yi as the Boda8 Casino’s brand ambassador is to popularise the brand in the Asia Pacific region and make people understand all there is to know about the casino.

Q3. When did Ms Pui Yi become the Boda8 Casino brand ambassador?

Ms Pui Yi was appointed the brand ambassador for Boda8 Casino in 2021.

boda8 brand ambassador
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