Boda8 Fishing: Catch Big Fish Catch Big Cash

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities that folks in the Asia Pacific region love doing. Most folks in the region love to fish at nearby rivers and dams. However, some actually spend a lot of money to travel to exotic places to fish. Well, recognising the massive popularity of fishing amongst folks in the Asia Pacific region, one innovative casino operator by the name Boda8 Casino decided to offer a unique type of casino game dubbed fishing games.

Fishing games have been there for quite some time. The first fishing games that were developed for gambling purposes were designed back around the early 1980s. However, these games weren’t as popular with pro gamers as other casino games. They were just played as social games by ordinary folks for fun and entertainment purposes. It was only after the mobile revolution that fishing games began to gain much traction with pro players. It was around this time that online casinos started to offer fishing games as one of the main product offerings.

When it was officially launched in 2018, Boda8 Malaysia took the noble decision to offer fishing games as one of its main product offerings. The fishing games that the casino offers come in two major categories. First, there are shooting-style games and second, there are standard fishing games. Below, we briefly explore what these two major fishing games categories entail.

  • Shooting Style Games: The most popular fishing games come with a shooting theme. When playing such games, players aim at shooting and killing as many fish as possible. Often, fishing games come in 3D graphics depicting a water body such as an ocean. Inside the water body, players can see all sorts of fish swimming inside. Below or at the very top of the game screen are different shooting tools. Players thus have to aim at the fish they see inside the water body. For each kill they make, they scoop a reward. Of course, such games come with their own playing and winning strategy. Often, the bigger fish carry the bigger rewards hence players should target the bigger fish mostly. There is no harm however in targeting as many small fish as possible so that the small payouts awarded accumulate as quickly as possible into a significant sum.
  • Standard Fishing Games: Standard fishing games are rare in the online gambling industry. Standard fishing games simulate the real fishing experience. This simply means upon initiating a gaming session, players find themselves either at the shoreline or on top of the water body aboard either a ship or canoe. The objective when playing the game is to throw the worm attached to the fishing rod into the water body and aim to catch some fish. Similar to shooting-style games, players scoop payouts for each fish they catch when playing standard fishing games.

Now that we have an idea of what fishing games are all about, let's jump into the finer details exploring the software developers behind the fishing games available at Boda8 Casino, the top fishing games they can play at the casino, how to access the games and the important playing and winning strategy they need to bear in mind at all times during their gaming adventures.

Online fishing games providers at Boda8

Fishing Games Software Developers

On the fishing games front, Boda8 Casino works with two software developers. Namely, these are Spade Gaming and Jili. It is these two software developers that are responsible for supplying all of the fishing games available in the lobby.

Top Fishing Games Offered at Boda8 Casino

Inside the fishing games lobby at Boda8 Casino, there are two games that are highly popular with most players. Namely, these are Fishing War and Fishing God games. Below we explore these two games in detail to see what makes them special and why they are much loved by multitudes of players.

Fishing War

Fishing War is a shooting-style fishing game that is powered by Spade Gaming. Fishing War is one of the very first fishing game to be offered at Boda8 Casino. Ever since the game was added to the casino lobby, hundreds of players try it out every single day. In fact, we need to add that Fishing War is one of those games that has a high rate of repeat gamers. This in essence showcases just how popular and how ‘addictive’ it is in a sense.

Spade Gaming used 3D graphics when designing the game. As such, when playing the game, players can expect some mouth-watering graphics and an immersive and realistic gaming experience. The game’s background graphics depict a beautiful ocean that’s filled with all sorts of fish. When players launch the game, there are three modes that players can choose to play. These modes include the junior mode for beginner players, expert mode for semi-pro players and the godlike mode for pro players.

As a shooting-style game, the objective of Fishing War is to shoot and kill as many fish in the ocean as possible. To aid the player during the shooting exercise, the Fishing War slot comes with a gun barrel with ‘- ‘and ‘+’ icons. Players need to adjust these icons to make precise shoots. At the same time, there is a ‘target’ in-game tool that players can also make use of.

Fishing God

Fishing God is one of the best interactive games that players can enjoy at Boda8 Casino. The comes from the Spade Gaming stable and it was designed using 3D graphics. this, therefore, means players can expect a high level of immersion during the gaming session. Even more impressive is the fact that the game also does come with complementary audio effects.

Fishing God is a shooting-style game. As such, players are tasked with targeting the fish symbols that appear on the screen during gameplay. Successfully shooting down the targets means that players scoop some handsome rewards. Be wary however of the waves as they make aiming at the targets a difficult task.

One of the most beautiful things about Fishing God is that it embraces the gamification concept. There are various game modes available but all players start at the first level. Players only level up to higher game modes depending on how they perform. As players level up to higher game modes, they stand a chance of unlocking deadlier weapons and handy tools such as auto-lock which guarantee players enhanced chances of shooting as many fish as possible at once.

Fighting boss at Boda8 fishing games

How to Access and Start Playing Fishing Games at Boda8 Casino

Boda8 Casino only accepts registered members to access its gambling products. As such, players need to register their accounts before they can start to enjoy the fishing games offered. Below we expose all the steps that players need to take to access and start playing Boda8 Casino fishing games.

  1. Step number one entails creating an account at Boda8 Casino. To do this, simply launch the official site and complete the registration form accessible after clicking the ‘Join Now’ button on the top right corner of the screen
  2. Once players complete the registration process, the next step is to make the first deposit at Boda8 Casino. The beauty of making deposits at the casino is that it supports a wide range of banking options. Players thus can use the most preferred method of their choice. It’s not just the fiat currencies supported but also cryptocurrencies are supported at Boda8 Casino
  3. After making the deposit, launch the homepage and scroll and search for the ‘Fishing’ option on the menu tab
  4. Click the ‘Fishing’ button to enter the lobby. Upon entering the lobby, choose the software developer whose game/s you want to play. Alternatively, make use of the search tab to search for a specific game you want to play.

Top Playing Tips

When it comes to fishing games, it's recommended to stick to your budget at all times. Fishing games are notorious for being captivating and in some instances even ‘addictive’. However, never fall into the trap of going on and on without minding your budget. Always stick to the plan you set for yourself.

Fishing games generally come with two types of fish. There are small fish which often are densely populated on the screen. Secondly, there are the big fish which often are sparsely populated and, in some instances, completely surrounded by small fish. Before you start playing, always decide beforehand the type of fish you want to target between the small and the big fish. Making such a decision ensures that you fully concentrate on one thing instead of playing in a haphazard manner.

As is the case with any other casino game, it’s always recommended to practice first, if possible, extensively before playing for real money. The beauty of Boda8 Casino is that its games are available in two game modes that are, demo mode and real money mode.

Boda8 Fishing Games FAQ

Q1. Are fishing games difficult to play?

No, fishing games aren’t difficult to play at all. Players just need to place their bets and once done, start aiming and shooting at the fish showing on the screen. The more fish killed, the bigger the rewards awarded.

Q2. Are fishing games legit casino games to play?

Yes, fishing games are legit casino games. In the Asian Pacific region, fishing games are part of the legalised gambling products.

Q3. Which are the most popular fishing games at Boda8 Casino?

The most popular fishing games at Boda8 Casino include Fishing War and Fishing God.

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