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Allbet: Experienced Gambler's Favorite Choice

Allbet gaming hails from Asia and has been in the business since 2014.  The firm targets on live casino games at Boda8, with a unique emphasis on table games that enjoy a remarkable popularity in Asia.

Established in 2014 in Philippines capital Manila, Allbet Gaming was founded by many baccarat professionals with a vision of creating a super live casino platform. The firm is licensed to give casino games by many leading licensing bodies, including PAGCOR, the Malta Gaming authority, and the UK Gambling commission. This provides them a freedom to make partnerships with internet live casinos all around the planet.

Thanks to the remarkable design and specs of the platform are based on the player’s point of use, including the first-multi-seat, which at quick glance sees all paper in Express Hall and Julong Hall, and can pick the display mode of 4 or 8 tables, first 6 cards licensing system, Baccarat microphone, VIP table, etc.  Make the launch of the Oubei platform a rising star in the industry.

Allbet games to play


Allbet live Roulette provides players a standard Western roulette game with a lower house edge and a one zero wheel. The dealer is shown from the side, providing players a perfect view of the wheel. Still, we like how it works and how remarkable this uncanny angle is. Most roulette games give the digital betting table below the video feed. The history of roulette is remarkable – it covers the last fifty spins. This should provide you an idea of what numbers to reject shortly. All in all, roulette is forever fun game.


Allbet understands that baccarat is a famous game among Asian gamblers, so they have put a lot of effort tin their baccarat offering. The lobby contains no-commission and standard live dealer baccarat, played with eight decks. It is no secret that baccarat is a favorite game among Asian casino gamers. That is why Allbet is putting a lot of job into making their baccarat offerings top-notch. The lobby provides both no-commission and standard live dealer baccarat, with eight decks. And each version has a big timer.

Arcade action

One of Allbet new games in their creative effort yet. Air Fighter is an arcade-style game in which user’s fire bullets at aircraft, shooting them down in order to win prizes. The machine specs sweet video game style graphics, and quick gameplay, and a progressive jackpot that can be worn if you manage to shoot down the Big Boss Plane during play.

With this famous game is actually focused at a younger audience that is not interested in very old slots, don’t be confused into thinking this is an expertise based game. This is still a fixed-odds machine where the outcomes are fully random, so don’t hesitate if your aim or reflexes are not so best. Each bullet you fire is a bet, and each plane provides a random reward, making for a best moment every time you claim another victim.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a straightforward game, but AllBet gaming has done a remarkable work with its tendition. The Ul is attractive, and the game flow is quick-paced, making it even simpler to play. AllBet gaming has remarkable rendition of Dragon Tiger. It might be easy, but the attractive UI and quick-paced game flow make it even easier.

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an easy die game based on chance. All you need to perform is place your chips on a bet box on the table. The dice are shaken and if the result of the roll matches your bet, you win. Sic Bo specs a range of possible bets, each with their own payouts odds.

Allbet games tips to play on Boda8

Get to know the slot machine before you gamble

On many of the slot machines, there are a big number of levels accessible on which bets can be placed. Further, there is often a big jackpot linked with a particular slot machine. In order to win it, one must forever with the highest possible bet. It sometimes occurs that people don’t know this and play with low stakes. At the moment the jackpot mixture is rolled, the person gets a little profit, because they did not play with the highest bet.

No systems to win at online casinos

There are lots of people who will try to make you believe that a best technique will forever outcome in winning. It is not true that a technique can promise a win. If it did, every person would be at the casino every day unit, definitely, in time there would be no casino. With a technique can do is decrease the danger of loss. By playing with a certain way of betting, for example, you may have an excellent chance of winning, but there are never any promises.

Don’t forget to include your wager

A lot of people forget to tell when they win that they also made a bet. For example, any person might proudly tell that she cashed out for five-hundred euros, but that he wagered 450 euros before doing so. The profit is therefore much little than someone lets on. So don’t discuss yourself into winning a lot,  but don’t forget to deduct your stake from the payout.

Take a break in time between gambling

When you go out to gamble, you will soon be sitting in the same chair for an extremely long time. This is not a best thing. It is vital to leave your seat every now and then, for example to go to the toilet or to get something to drink. If you stay seated very long, greed will win out and you might not be capable to place reasonable bets in the long run.


Are there multiple payment techniques?

There are no multiple payment techniques. Anyway, the bank wire transfer is super easy for withdrawal and deposit.

Are there bonuses?

Players are eligible for various bonuses, including cash rebate, welcome bonus, reload bonus, etc.

Is the betting platform secured?

AllBet is safe with different security measures to keep user’s information confidential and login safe.

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