Boda8 Lottery: Simple Way to Win Big Chunk Money

Lottery is undoubtedly one of the oldest gambling games. The longevity of the lottery and its massive popularity all over the world means that its available at most gambling resorts and also on online gambling platforms. It's no surprise therefore that online lottery is one of the main product offerings at Boda8 bookie, one of the leading online casino operators in the Asia Pacific region.

Knowing just how much online lottery is amongst folks in the Asia Pacific region, Boda8 Casino from the get-go so it fit to offer a wide variety of lotto games. The decision was made of course to quench the thirst of lotto lovers in the region but also, to attract and retain multitudes of lotto lovers from the region. From 3-number lotteries, 4-number lotteries, and 6-number lotteries to the modern versions of lottery such as scratch cards, Boda8 Casino offers it all.

One thing that’s particularly impressive about the lotto games at Boda8 Casino is that they are available on mobile. This means even on the go; players can easily access and start picking their lucky numbers. All the lottery games at Boda8 casino are fully responsive and adaptable across mobile devices be it those running on Android or iOS operating systems.

Boda8 Casino Online Lottery Software Developers

The major reason why Boda8 Casino can offer dozens of lotto games is down to the fact that it works with multiple software developers. These developers are responsible for supplying the lotto games available in the lobby. Another beauty of working with multiple software developers is that Boda8 receives different types of lotto games ranging from standard number lotteries, scratchers, daily lotto, mini lotto and multi-country lotteries. The software developers that the casino works with include Thai Lottery, PK10, Keno, Sode, and QQKeno.

Boda8 online lottery games

The Different Types of Online Lottery at Boda8 Casino

The beauty of lottery games lies in their diversity. Lotto games come in all sorts of shapes and forms. This, therefore, means players can choose the exact type of game that they prefer. The options available include standard number lotteries, scratchers, daily lotto, mini lotto and multi-country lotteries.

Standard Number Lotteries

When most players talk about lotto games, they will be talking about standard number lotteries. Such is the popularity of these games that some players view them as the only type of lotto game. Standard number lotteries are games in which players are tasked with picking lucky numbers from a grid with a set of numbers. The set of numbers differ from one lotto game to another. Most lotto games however allow players to choose and pick 5 or 6 (and in some instances an additional bonus ball) from a set of 45, 49, 75 or 90 numbers. Often, standard number lotteries come with bi-weekly draws. Players scoop the jackpot prize when all of their numbers are drawn during the draw. Consolation prizes are offered for those who fail to get all numbers correct by a narrow margin.


Scratchers is a more modern type of lotto game. it has however found many takers at Boda8 Casino. The devil is in the detail when it comes to the objective of scratchers lotto games. Players simply need to purchase the scratch card. Once done, they need to scratch and reveal the icons/numbers hidden beneath. If three or more of the icons/numbers match (are of the same nature/value), players scoop a payout. Players ought to note that some scratchers allow players to manually scratch the scratch card, others allow automatic scratches while others offer both manual and auto scratch options.

Daily Lotto

Daily lotto is more similar to standard number lotteries. This owing to the fact that the objective when playing the game is to pick lucky numbers from the number set and hope they are picked during the draw. The major differences between the games is that daily lotto is played daily and players have to pick a limited number of numbers often just three or four. Owing to the fact that it comes with a daily draw and uses a limited number of numbers, daily lotto offers relatively low payouts to both jackpot and consolation winners.

Mini Lotto

Mini Lotto is similar in most aspects to daily lotto. Both lotto games are standard number lotteries and they allow players to pick only a limited number of numbers often just three or four. However, mini lotto unlike the daily lotto comes with less frequent draws. This essentially means mini lotto’s draws aren’t conducted daily but often every couple of days or bi-weekly.

Multi-Country Lotteries

Multi-country lotteries can best be described as an internationalised form of standard number lotteries. This owing to the fact that all aspects of standard number lotteries are similar and in line with multi-country lotteries. However, what differentiates multi-country lotteries is the fact that they can be accessed and played by players from different countries. Such types of lotto games include the Euro Jackpot Lottery and the Euro Millions which is a global game.

How to Access and Start Playing Online Lottery at Boda8 Casino

When it comes to accessing and playing lotto games at Boda8 Casino, players first need to create their accounts. To do this, players should launch the official site. Upon landing on the homepage, proceed to the top right corner of the screen and click on the ‘Join Now’ button. From the page that pops up, input all the requested details and complete the registration process.

The next step is to load funds into the newly created account. To load funds, head over to the banking section and opt for the deposit option. As there are various banking methods supported, players can deposit funds using either electronic wallets, credit/debit cards, bank transfers or ATM transfers. There is also the option of depositing cryptocurrencies.

Once done, return to the homepage and click on the lottery button to enter the lottery lobby. Once inside, choose any desired game to play.

Picking lottery ticket that win jackpot

Boda8 Online Lottery FAQ

Q1. Does Boda8 Casino offer any lottery bonuses and promotions?

Yes, Boda8 Casino does offer some lottery bonuses and promotions. These however do come on a rolling basis hence it's important for players to constantly check the Promotions page to see if any are running.

Q2. How many numbers do I pick when playing Boda8 Lottery games?

Boda8 Casino offers a wide variety of lottery games. Each comes with its own distinct gameplay rules. It’s therefore important for players to check each game’s details to see what the gameplay rules entail.

Q3. Which are the different types of lottery games offered at Boda8 Casino?

The different types of lottery games offered at Boda8 Casino include standard number lotteries, mini lotto, daily lotto, multi-country lotteries, and scratchers.

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