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Boda8 Promotion: Treasure Box Full Bonus For Newbie & Loyal Member

Back in the day, brick-and-mortar casinos used to have this thing whereby they offered free drinks (cocktails) and grilled meat among other foodstuffs to players. The intention generally was to make players as comfortable as possible during their gaming sessions. Though this is the case, some folks thought that casinos offered cocktails for other reasons apart from making life comfortable. Those who are of this alternative conviction suggest that the cocktails were given to make players tipsy and hence elongate their gaming sessions. Whether it’s true or not, we don’t know. What we know however is that the practice of giving freebies to players has transcended to online casinos including Boda8 online casino, which is the leading online gambling brand in the Asia Pacific region.

Boda8 Casino does give all its players freebies in the form of bonuses and promotions. These come in different forms and shapes. Some cater to the needs of the newly registered players while others are tailor-made for the existing account holders. looking at the recipients of the bonuses and promotions at Boda8 Casino, it's safe to say that the perks are offered for two main reasons and none of them has anything to do with ‘intoxicating’ players. The reasons are as follows:

  • Courting and Attracting New Players: Amongst the offered bonuses and promotions at Boda8 Casino are those catering to the needs of newly registered players. These are often dubbed the welcome bonuses. The welcome bonuses are offered to entice and attract new players to the casino. It's safe to say that the casino has been successful on this front as it has managed to win the hearts of multitudes from Malaysia and surrounding countries. It's against this background that Boda8 Casino ranks as one of the most popular gambling brands in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Retaining Existing Account Holders: Another type of bonuses and promotions that the casino offers are regular promotions. These generally are tailor-made for the already existing account holders. the primary purpose of the promotions is to retain the players so that they don’t feel the urge of shifting gambling ‘homes’. Regular promotions come in different forms. Some cater exclusively to players playing online slots, others to those who love playing live casino games, others are for sports punters while others cater to all members.

Boda8 casino bonus for every players

Boda8 Casino Bonuses for the Newly Registered Members

Those who open new accounts at Boda8 Casino are spoiled for choice when it comes to welcome bonuses. New players just need to choose a bonus that corresponds to the type of gambling products they wish to engage in. As there are a wide variety of gambling products offered ranging from sports betting, to online slots and live casino games among many others, players can find welcome bonuses designed for all these products. These include the following:

100% Welcome Bonus + 20% Cashback Bonus

This welcome bonus is exclusively for all slot’s lovers. Those who want to benefit from this bonus simply need to create their accounts. Once done, proceed to make the first deposit at the casino which should be at least MYR50. Afterwards, head over to the ‘Transfer’ page and select the ‘Promo Code’ from the promo code dropdown menu to transfer the credit to the slot’s wallet. Once done, players will receive a 50% welcome bonus of up to MYR200. If the player proceeds to place the second deposit, they receive a 50% match-up bonus of up to MYR200. The bonus also comes with a cashback which allows players to recoup 20% of their total loses.

200% Welcome Bonus

This welcome bonus is tailor-made for players who want to play live dealer games. All they need to do to claim the bonus is to create their accounts and proceed to make their first deposit. Once done, transfer funds to the live casino wallet. As soon as the funds reach the live casino wallet, players receive a 200% match-up bonus of up to MYR2,000. It's important to note that the bonus funds awarded allow players to enjoy all live casino games in the game lobby apart from those powered by Allbet and Asia Gaming.

100% New Member Welcome Bonus

This welcome bonus is tailor-made for live casino games players as well as sports punters. Players claim the bonus when they create their accounts and proceed to load funds in their accounts for the first time. After loading the funds, players should proceed to transfer the funds to a specific game wallet be it live casino or sports. Once done, the casino will award a 50% match-up bonus of up to MYR300. For sports, the casino awards a 100% match-up bonus of up to MYR1,000. Live games from Allbet and Asia Gaming are not supported.

Sport MYR200 Free Bet

This welcome bonus is for all punters who place their first bets in the C-Sport, S-Sport, BTI-Sport, and Saba-Sport at Boda8 Casino. A minimum bet amount of MYR100 is required for players to successfully claim the bonus. Punters must place a bet on any of the participating sports they like. If their first bet loses, the casino will refund back in full the stake. this, therefore, means punters get another shot at placing a second bet with the same bet amount.

Boda8 Casino Promo Perks for the Existing Account Holders

Boda8 Casino offers various promotions to the existing account holders. most of these promotions do come on a rolling basis. What this therefore means is that they come with start and end dates. There is a guarantee however that at all times, there will be at least one running promo. Below we expose the current running promos:

Daily Promotions

Boda8 offers promo perks dubbed as daily promotions. These promotions allow players to partake and, in some instances, complete various challenges for the chance to scoop some freebies. Currently, there is a slot daily challenge, 10% sport daily bonus, 10% live casino daily bonus, daily rebate up to 1%, and the 5% daily rescue bonus.

Weekly Promotions

Just as there are some daily promotions, there are also some weekly promotions. The weekly promotions run weekly and they allow players to engage in all sorts of competitions and tournaments. From these, players can scoop a load of freebies amongst other perks. At the current moment, the two weekly promotions available include the weekly 4D lottery and the weekly turnover challenge up to MYR1,288.

Rebate, Rescue and Reload Bonuses

Boda8 Casino also does offer a plethora of rebate and rescue and reload bonuses. Rebate bonuses are offered to players to recoup any of the total losses they incur over a certain period which may be a day, week or even a month. Rescue bonuses on the other hand allow players to claim part of their stake or even winnings back before they forfeit everything if things don’t go according to plan. Reload bonuses are awarded to players when they deposit funds. The reload bonuses increases the balance of the deposited amount by a certain percentage thus affording players more funds to wager with. At the current moment, the rebate, rescue and reload promotions on offer include 8% slot unlimited reload bonus, daily rebate of up to 1% and 5% daily rescue bonus.

Referral and Attendance Bonus

Referral and attendance bonuses are offered to players as a gesture of goodwill for their loyalty. When players log in to their accounts and place bets on any gambling product of their preference over the course of a week or so, they stand to benefit from the attendance bonus. Likewise, there is a referral bonus awarded to players for expressing their loyalty by inviting their friends. Once the friends join the casino and deposit funds, they will receive some freebies in the form of wagering cash.

Monthly Promotions

Monthly promotions are just like daily and weekly promotions in that they are competitions and tournaments run by the casino that all players can partake in. such promotions come in different shapes and forms. At the present moment, there is a Merdeka Month Deposit Challenge which allows all high rollers to scoop massive match bonuses when they deposit at least MYR15,000 in one go.

Special Promotions

On special days such as Christmas, New Year, Easter holidays and the like or even player birthdays, Boda8 Casino runs some special promotions. To know about these promotions, players just need to constantly check the ‘Promotions’ page. On your birthday, simply get in touch with support agents via email or telephone and an exclusive bonus will be offered.

VIP Club

Depositing and playing regularly at Boda8 Casino allows players to enter the prestigious VIP Club. There are various tiers in the club which include the Insider, Loyalty, Admirer, VIP and Elite. Once players become a member of the VIP Club, they stand to benefit from all sorts of exclusive bonus perks which include cashback offers, reload bonuses and rebates amongst other cool perks.

Free bonus for Boda8 players

Boda8 Casino Promotions FAQ

Q1. What is the welcome bonus package at Boda8 Casino?

On the welcome bonus front, Boda8 Casino doesn’t offer one, two, or three but four packages. These are tailor-made to different types of players depending on the gambling products they aspire to play.

Q2. Is it possible to withdraw the bonus funds at Boda8 Casino?

The bonus funds awarded at Boda8 Casino via various bonuses and promotions can only be used to wager on any of the offered gambling products. However, the winnings derived from the bonus funds can be withdrawn easily as long as players meet the bonus’ wagering requirements.

Q3. Are there any specific bonuses and promotions offered to sports punters at Boda8 Casino?

Yes, there are various bonuses and promotions offered to sports punters at Boda8 Casino. Most of these come on a rolling basis. However, there is a constant bonus for sports punters which comes in the form of a free bet awarded to newly registered punters if their first bet loses. 

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