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Toptrend Gaming: Expected Performance From Established Provider

TopTrend online casino websites are accessible to gamblers in Asia, as well as all over the planet.  TopTrend gaming is an internet casino software developer who is based in the Philippines. Top Trend Gaming was established in 2010 and has provided internet casino games to the Asian market since then, becoming one of the most popular software providers in Asia.

TopTrend online casino sites have become famous all over the planet because they give casino games that across all cultural and social divides. Actually, games have themes and bonuses that appeal to people globally. Famous online betting sites such as 1xbet carry games from this platform because of this.

Toptrend gaming games to play

The slot machines that the firm provides are pretty creative and come in different themes in order to cater to all players.

The top trend new slots contain some familiar titles that have already been done, as well as fresh ones. Below are some of the latest online slots that you can find at TopTrend online casino:

Rose of Venice

This online slot game has a romance theme and comes with five reels and twenty-five paylines. Further, it has some truly great specs, which contain some multipliers, scatters and wild symbols, and some free spins.


Those that have played this game from other software providers know that this is a colorful and fun game that comes with an Egyptian style theme. This version of the slot game will take you to very old Egypt where you will come across a mystical globe that is packed with some truly bright colors, as well as magic.

You will play five reels, as well as twenty-five pay lines. The game also provides some free multipliers and spins, which will definitely provide you more rewards.

The Silk Road

This slot machine provides a truly amazing theme that will transport you to the desert. So, you will encounter some dangers, which you have to fight. This game provides the 243 ways to win the play and offers.

Table Games

The table games that you can find at TopTrend online casinos are:


Blackjack fans are in for a treat as they get to pick from any variations of the game. These come with various blackjack house edges and techniques. That means you forever pick the best game that matches you. The blackjack variations that are accessible are:

  • Lucky 7 blackjack
  • Perfect pair’s blackjack
  • Single deck blackjack


There are 2 versions of roulette that you can play. These are the regular edition and European Roulette. Gameplay remains the same in both the editions although European Roulette has thirty-seven pockets.


Poker is another internet casino game that is pretty famous with a lot of gamblers around the planet and TopTrend online casinos have just the top treat for Poker lovers. In order to thrill players, even more, the game comes in 3 different variants, which are:

  • Three card poker
  • Texas Hold Em Bonus
  • Casino stud poker

Tips to play TopTrending gaming online on Boda8

Play for free to practice

This is one of the easiest and basic tricks to winning slots. Practicing for free tests a player’s technique and teaches them the general instructions.

Some casino provides free slots gaming sessions using fake cash on real slot machines. This helps a player built their expertise in a real setting. It also provides them a chance to apply all theories into practice with incurring any losses.

Pick random slots over progressive slots

Slots can either be progressive or random. Random slots are immobile, pop up without an unplanned pattern, like the name sounds.

Random slots save the player. They achieve this by rejecting the temptation of wasting cash with the hope of leaving the casino, a millionaire. Through playing random slots, a player rises the odds of striking the jackpot.

Divide and conquer casinos

The idea works for slots played among different casinos over a network. This idea works by comparing the bonuses and perks provided by the competing casinos.

The player should primary identify the wagering requisite or play-through. This outlines the amount of cash that a player should have before getting their bonus. After that, a player should settle for a low-play-through.

Watch out for unique bonus offers

The unique offers that pop up on slot machines are a remarkable way of increasing a player’s bankroll.  These unique bonuses are designed and provided by casino to catch and maintain the focus of the players. Players should forever stay alert because the bonus provides come up without notice.

Casinos also use unique bonuses and promotions to introduce or launch new games. In this case, players should perform their research and analyze the pay tables to know how the slots work. The key to winning slots is setting for the right slot machine and betting perfectly.


Why can I not play TopTrend gaming games in my country?

Top Trend gaming is based in Hong King and is completely licensed by Hong Kong gaming authority which manages the random number generator for all of casino games. RNG is a mathematical algorithm that randomly produces the result of all electronic games. It is used to calculate the result of all games, ensuring fairness to all players.

What are the best TopTrend gaming slots?

These slots are collection of games which spec similar themes. Fun Slots like Mermaid Gold, Wolf Gold, and Enhanced Garden are just a little sample of their offerings. Slots from TopTrend gaming spec cute themes and graphics, and are generally based on fairy tales and fantasy. This means they will attract to younger or older players.

What type of unique specs can I find in Top Trend gaming slots?

The best spec of TopTrend gaming slots is their remarkable graphics. All the games are charmingly designed and come with different themes that attract to different players.

End words

TopTrend gaming is a big provider and one of the first firms to provide slot games to Asia, the quick-growing iGaming market. They have been a real pioneer in driving the Asian market with their remarkable and big portfolio of games, run by their state-of-the-art technology.

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