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Boda8 Malaysia is the gambling platform of choice for most folks in the Asia Pacific region who love gambling in the comfort of their own homes or on the go. All those who would love to start accessing the Boda8 Casino gambling products are required to first load funds into their account. Only those with a positive balance can enter into various lobbies and start placing their bets. It's against this background that we decided to pen this comprehensive Boda8 Casino deposit guide. The guide illustrates everything there is to know when it comes to loading funds into one’s account.

Before we go into the finer details, there are a few things that we just want to put out there. First, players should not worry about anything when it comes to settling at Boda8 Casino as it is regulated and licensed by two reputable regulators in the mould of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation as well as the Government of Curacao. Second, Boda8 Casino accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies. This, therefore, means those who love complete anonymity when gambling online is well catered for through the acceptance of digital currencies. Another important factor is that Boda8 Casino and all its services and products are fully responsive and adaptable on mobile. This, therefore, means players can deposit funds even when using their mobile devices!

Deposit money into Boda8 account

What to Note Before Making Your Deposits

Before players start making their deposits at Boda8 Casino, there are a few things that they need to be aware of. Being cognizant of the following conditions allows players to make their deposits comfortably, conveniently and above all safely and securely.

Boda8 Casino Process All Deposits Almost Instantly

The first thing that players need to note is that Boda8 Casino processes all deposits almost instantly. This does not matter whether players opted to use electronic wallets, credit/debit cards, ATM transfers or cryptocurrencies. At the most, players wait for 10 minutes before the deposited funds reflect in their accounts. Armed with this information, all players who deposit funds at Boda8 Casino and fail to see their funds in the account in 20+ minutes should quickly get in touch with the support agents to have the issue rectified.

Limits Differ Depending on the Payment Option Chosen

Boda8 Casino works with several payment providers. Fortunately, or unfortunately, these payment providers are guided by distinct laws and regulations. This, therefore, affects various things including the lower and upper limits for deposits. It's against this background that we recommend all players to go through the fine print details of the banking method they want to use to know the limits set amongst other key details. Going through the fine print also allows players to know exactly which methods suit their needs in terms of whether they want low fee methods or high fee methods.

Multiple Deposits Accepted at Boda8 Casino

Sometimes, you may just feel in the mood of enjoying your favourite games. If you find yourself in such a mood at Boda8 Casino, you need not worry about the number of deposits you make in a day as the casino accepts multiple deposits in a single day. Of course, the deposits should not exceed the daily limits.

Multiple Bank Accounts Accepted at Boda8 Casino

Just like the casino accepts multiple deposits in a single day, it also accepts multiple bank accounts by a single player. This brings much convenience to players as they may have funds in one account at one time and not in another. As such, they can just use the loaded account at the time. This also helps players save considerable amounts in the form of transaction fees that may be charged in switching balances from one account to another.

Only Bank Accounts in the Name of the Player are Accepted

Players ought to note that though the casino accepts multiply bank accounts, the accounts should bear the name of the player as it appears on a government-issued ID. If the names do not align, players won’t be able to use the bank account. Its also important to note that if players do this, Boda8 Casino may elevate the matter to the relevant authorities if it thinks that there is a form of fraudulent activity going on.

Crypto deposit to your Boda8 accountCrypto deposit to your Boda8 account

The Payment Options Supported at Boda8 Casino

Nothing better illustrates the reputable nature of the Boda8 Casino than the fact that it works with several reputable payment providers including banks. To find all the payment providers which Boda8 Casino works with, players should first access their account. To do this, just launch the homepage and click the ‘Login’ button on the top right corner of the header tab. Proceed to input your security credentials to access the account. Once players access their account, they should proceed to access their account profile by clicking their name on the top right corner of the screen. Afterwards, search for the banking section and click the deposit option. As soon as players tap the deposit button, all the supported payment options are displayed. These include the following:

  • EeziePay
  • Bank Transfers
  • Help2Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether
  • Ethereum

The Step by Step Guide to Making Deposits at Boda8 Casino

Owing to the fact that there are numerous payment options supported at Boda8 Casino, players are spoiled for choice in choosing the perfect method to use. However, each banking method comes with its own fine print hence going through the details will allow players to know if it’s the right method to use or it's better to use an alternative. Once players find the perfect banking method, they can proceed to load funds into their account. There are slight differences in the steps to follow when depositing funds using the various methods supported at Boda8 Casino. It’s against this background that we are going to expose the step-by-step guide for each of the top deposit options.

Bank Transfer Deposits

  1. The first step is the obvious one that is, to login into your account
  2. The next step is to seek the Boda8 Casino banking details via the customer support platforms. Its recommended to undertake this step each time you want to make a bank transfer deposit as the casino may change its banking details without notice at any time
  3. Head over to the banking section and opt for deposits. Choose the bank transfer option
  4. Once you choose the bank transfer option, you are further requested to choose between direct bank transfers, internet banking or ATM transfer
  5. After choosing how to deposit the funds, proceed to fill in the deposit form that emerges on the screen using the details provided to you by the support agents. Its also here where you choose the bank name you are using
  6. Confirm and complete the transaction.

Electronic Wallet Deposits

  1. Step number one is to access your account
  2. Head over to the deposit page and opt to use any of the offered electronic wallets
  3. Once you make your selection, follow the prompts provided to complete the deposit transaction.

Quick Payment Deposits

  1. Players start by accessing their accounts
  2. The next step is to head over to the banking section and opt for deposits
  3. Under deposits, choose the quick payments option
  4. Enter the amount that you want to deposit
  5. Select the wallet to use
  6. Confirm the one-time pin (OTP) sent to the wallet in use to complete the transaction.

Cryptocurrency Deposits

  1. Like with all other payment options, the first step is to access one’s account
  2. Afterwards, proceed to the banking section
  3. Under deposits, opt to use the digital currencies option
  4. Follow the prompts provided which include picking the desired digital currency to use
  5. Once done, confirm the transaction and funds will reflect in your account instantly.

Quickpay deposit at Boda8 account

Boda8 Casino Deposits FAQ

Q1. Is it possible to use a friend’s bank account when depositing at Boda8 Casino?

Unfortunately, no it’s not possible to use a friend’s account when depositing at Boda8 Casino. Boda8 Casino does have a very strict policy when it comes to depositing funds. Players can only use a banking method registered in their name when depositing funds. If the player attempts to use a bank account in another person’s name, the transaction is immediately blocked. In some instances, Boda8 Casino takes further steps in reporting the player to the relevant authorities especially if it suspects any fraudulent activity to be taking place.

Q2. Do I have to wait for long after I complete the deposit transaction process at Boda8 Casino?

No, there is no need to wait for long after completing the deposit transaction. Once you complete the transaction, funds should reflect in the casino account almost instantly. If funds do not reflect in the casino account in 20+ minutes, it's recommended that you quickly get in touch with the support agents to have the issue rectified.

Q3. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, which digital currencies can players use when they want to deposit funds at Boda8 Casino?

The digital currencies which players can use to deposit funds at Boda8 Casino include Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum. 

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