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Overview of Boda8 Casino TV Section

Day by day, life is becoming easier and more convenient for a lot of folks. This convenience is largely necessitated by the emergence of various technologies. Looking at the gaming scene, one technology that has made life easier for lots of sports punters is Live TV. Available at most online casinos including Asia-Pacific’s most reputable gambling brand Boda8 Casino, Live TV allows all punters to watch live as various sport events unfold.

Right from the word go in 2018, Boda8 Casino took the noble decision to incorporate a Live TV section. Inside this section, the casino avails various live games. The game covered include the traditional sports talk of soccer, tennis and cricket. Apart from traditional sports, Boda8 Casino through the Live TV section also allows players to catch live events from top eSports games. Top eSports such as Valorant, CS: GO, and League of Legends are all broadcasted live.

One thing that all players must know is that the Boda8 Casino site is fully responsive and adaptable on mobile. This, therefore, means players can access the Live TV section on mobile. This in essence means players can also use their mobile devices to stream live events. For the best performance without buffering, it's recommended for players to be on fast internet connections and to use devices running on either Android or iOS operating systems.

Boda8 Casino TV Functions

The Live TV section at Boda8 Casino serves two very important functions. Namely, these are live streaming and in-play betting. Below we expose and explore more of this.

Live Streaming

The first function is ‘obvious’ that is, Live TV allows players to catch live action from sporting events. The live action broadcasted at Boda8 Casino entails games from all corners of the world. This, therefore, means players can stream live top soccer leagues such as the English Premier League, top basketball action from the National Basketball Association, top action from the ICC-led cricket events and top events from the Royal Ascot and Wimbledon among many others. At times, Boda8 Casino also streams live grassroots leagues and tournaments. Perhaps one thing which makes the Boda8 Casino Live TV section more impressive is the fact that it also broadcasts live eSports games.

In-Play Betting

Another function of Live TV which is less obvious entails in-play betting. Each event that the casino broadcasts live is open for betting. To make life easier for punters, one doesn’t need to switch back to the main page to place a live bet. Rather, all that the punter needs to do is to use the betting tab above the live stream to choose desirable betting markets. The beauty of placing in-play bets as you watch live events is that you place bets from a much-informed position as you know exactly what’s going on.

Sports Broadcasted Live at Boda8 Casino

Boda8 Casino through its Live TV section broadcasts live a whole lot of sports be it the traditional sports or the more modern electronic sports also known as eSports. Almost the majority of the sports offered at the casino can be featured in the Live TV section. However, while still on this, it’s important to note that not all events are broadcasted live. Only a select number of events from some of the sports are broadcasted each day. Though this is the case, the most broadcasted events include the following:


eSports fans will find the Live TV section highly appealing. This is necessitated by the fact that each day, the casino broadcasts live top eSports games. This, therefore, means players are afforded the chance of placing their bets from a more informed position as they know how the action is panning out.


When it comes to traditional sports, soccer is arguably the most covered sport in the Boda8 Casino Live TV section. The casino covers soccer events from all corners of the world be it in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Top leagues such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, and Spain La Liga are covered while the lesser known leagues such as the Uruguay Primera Division are also covered.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is another favoured sport that’s largely covered by Boda8 Casino. Just like soccer, horse racing events covered are both those from the most prestigious events such as the Royal Ascot as well as those from the lesser known and grassroots events. The coverage is also wide as events from as far as the Americas and Africa are also broadcasted live.

Boda8 Casino TV FAQ 

Q1. Does Boda8 Casino Live TV section broadcast live events daily?

Yes, Boda8 Casino broadcasts live events daily. The events may differ by sport but the guarantee is that on any day, there will be at least one broadcasted live event.

Q2. Which are the most covered sports in the Boda8 Live TV section?

The most covered sports in the Boda8 Live TV section include soccer, eSports, horse racing, tennis and cricket.

Q3. Does Boda8 Casino broadcast live events from top leagues such as the English Premier League?

Yes, Boda8 Casino broadcasts a variety of live events from all sports including the top leagues such as the English Premier League. It’s against this background that the casino is deemed one of the leading brands in the Asia Pacific region.

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