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Are all players the same at Boda8 Casino? Are all players treated the same at Boda8 Casino? Well, the answer to both questions is YES. All players are the SAME and treated as the SAME at Boda8 Casino. However, while this is the case, players ought to note that they can elevate their status at the casino when they join the prestigious VIP Program. By elevate status, we simply mean that players will be open to benefiting from more bonus and promotional perks while at the same time receiving prioritised support whenever they need help.

The VIP Program is an open to all program. This, therefore, means every player at the casino be it the newly registered or the existing account holders can join the program. To learn more about the VIP program at Boda8 Casino, all you need is to continue reading this comprehensive Boda8 Casino VIP program guide.

VIP member enjoy a lot of rewards at Boda8 casino

The Boda8 VIP Program Tiers

The first thing to note about the program is that it comes with a whole lot of tiers. The tiers differentiate players according to the benefits they get. The tiers rise from the lowest that is, the Insider to the highest which is the Elite. Below, we expose all the program tiers together with their specifications.

Tier 1: TheInsider

This is the lowest tier of the VIP program. To enter this tier and become a VIP member, players should make a total of MYR50,000 deposits in one month. Once players become VIP members in the TheInsider tier, they are VIP members for life. The major benefits of the tier are that players receive a guaranteed 0.70% slots daily rebate, 0.40% live casino daily rebate and a 0.50% sportsbook daily rebate. The daily withdrawal limit is pegged at MYR100,000.

Tier 2: TheLoyalty

Players upgrade to the TheLoyalty tier when they make a total of MYR150,000 deposits in a month. Tier membership is lifetime for TheLoyalty. On the daily rebates front, players benefit from a 0.70% slots daily rebate, 0.50% live casino daily rebate, and 0.60% sportsbook daily rebate. A birthday bonus of MYR388 is awarded to all members. Priority withdrawals of up to MYR100,000 per day are afforded to all members.

Tier 3: TheAdmirer

To upgrade to the third tier, players should deposit a total of MYR300,000 in a month. Players have to match this status at all times failure of which will see them downgrade after three months. The tier bonus and birthday bonus for the tier is pegged at MYR688. All other perks available to TheLoyalty members are also available for TheAdmirer members. The withdrawal limit is pegged at MYR150,000 per day.

Tier 4: TheVIP

To become a member of the TheVIP tier, players need to deposit a total of MYR600,000 in a month. To remain a member, players should deposit at least MYR300,000 each month. Failure to do this will see players downgrade their VIP status. There are enhanced perks for TheVIP members. The tier upgrade and birthday bonuses are pegged at MYR1,288. Players benefit from a 0.90% slots daily rebate, 0.70% live casino daily rebate and a 0.80% sportsbook daily rebate. The withdrawal is pegged at MYR200,000. Players are also assigned a dedicated bank account and a VIP account service manager.

Tier 5: TheElite

TheElite is a tier for the high rollers. To become a member, players should deposit a total of MYR1.500,000 each month. To remain a member, players should deposit MYR750,000 a month. Failure to do this means players will downgrade. When it comes to the tier upgrade and birthday bonus, players receive a MYR1,888 bonus. Players benefit from a 1% slots daily rebate, live casino daily rebate and sportsbook daily rebate. TheElite members are given priority on withdrawals. There are no withdrawal limits for TheElite members. TheElite members are assigned a dedicated bank account and a VIP account service manager.

The Perks for VIP Players

Becoming a VIP member is something to behold at Boda8 Casino. This owing to the fact that all VIP players are offered some exclusive gifts and perks. Below, we are going to expose and explore all these.

Access to Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions

All VIP players are allowed to access exclusive bonuses and promotions. Not only those, but the VIP members also do have the early access opportunity to some of the top bonuses and promotions offered.

Priority Customer Service

VIP members also benefit from prioritised customer service. This, therefore, means at any time that the players want support, they can easily find the required help. VIP members are free to use all of the support platforms available at Boda8 Casino. These include live chat, online form, email, telephone and even social media platforms.

Special Getaways

Players are also afforded the chance of partaking in some special competitions and tournaments. The ultimate prize in some of these competitions and tournaments allow players to win special getaway trips to exotic destinations both within and beyond the Asia Pacific region.

Higher Withdrawal Limits

Boda8 Casino has a fixed withdrawal limit for its players. However, this limit only applies to the ‘ordinary’ players. Once you elevate yourself to become a VIP member, you automatically increase your daily and monthly withdrawal limit. VIP members once they attain TheElite VIP status will benefit from an unlimited withdrawal limit peg!

Game Rebates

For ordinary players, placing bets on any game or sport means that there are only two likely outcomes. First, the bets may be successful hence allowing them to scoop some handsome payouts. On the other hand, the bets may be unsuccessful meaning players lose the potential payouts. However, when one becomes a VIP member, placing bets on either casino games or sports becomes less of a zero-sum game. this is necessitated by the fact that once players place bets and the bets lose, they can recoup part of the stake they placed in the form of game rebates. 

How to Become a VIP Member at Boda8 Casino

Now that everyone is aware of the benefits that come with being a VIP member at Boda8 Casino, many if not all are willing at this point to join the program. To join the program, all that you need to do is to follow the steps outlined below:

  • The first step is to create your Boda8 Casino account. To create an account, you can use either your desktop or mobile device. The registration process is quite straightforward. Just launch the official Boda8 Casino site, click the ‘Join Now’ button and start filling out the registration form. Once done, click the ‘Complete’ button to complete the process.
  • The next step is to head over to the banking section and choose the desired payment provider to use in making a deposit. On this note, it's important to note that the total deposits made in a single month determines if you will join the VIP Program or not. To join the program, you need to make a total deposit of at least MYR50,000 a month. Note that this is just a single deposit but an accumulation of deposits made in a single month.
  • As soon as players meet the minimum threshold to become registered VIP member, they automatically enter into the program.

*If for any reason you aren’t automatically elevated to become a VIP member after meeting the minimum deposit threshold, you will have to get in touch with the support agents to rectify the issue. The agents will see to it that you receive what’s yours accordingly.

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Boda8 Casino VIP FAQ

Q1. How many tiers does the Boda8 Casino VIP program have?

The Boda8 Casino VIP program has five tiers. Namely, these are as follows in ascending order: the insider, TheLoyalty, TheAdmirer, TheVIP and TheElite.

Q2. Does Boda8 Casino assign dedicated account managers to VIP members?

Yes, Boda8 Casino does assign dedicated account managers to VIP members. However, the dedicated account managers are only assigned to the members in TheVIP and TheElite tiers.

Q3. Which perks are offered to VIP players at Boda8 Casino?

There are many perks that VIP players benefit from at Boda8 Casino. These include higher withdrawal limits, game rebates, special getaways, access to exclusive bonuses and promotions as well as priority customer service.

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